5 Tips to Help Build Your Personal Brand

Building your own, personal brand can result in multiple benefits: industry recognition, a better job, better contacts, a promotion – the list goes on! We’ve got some top tips on how to build and strengthen your personal brand. Get ahead and separate yourself from the crowd!

Increase Awareness

What makes you the leader of the pack? Why are you special or different? What’s your personal trademark? Creativity? Perseverance? Communication? Whatever distinguishes you, be clear about it so you can articulate and demonstrate it and increase awareness of your identity.

Make Authentic & Credible Promises

While you need to be clear and concise about your strengths, you also need to be honest about them. Sell yourself, but be sure to consistently deliver on the promises made by your personal brand. Anything that falls short of this will damage your brand reputation. For example, if you claim that you are a good leader, be ready to present, discuss and demonstrate specific examples of how you have successfully led a team.

Build & Audit your Online Presence

Social media is a great way to build and supplement your personal brand – but it’s very important to get it right. It’s not just your LinkedIn we’re talking about, it’s important to maintain a professional online presence across all social media platforms to maintain a successful personal brand reputation. If you’re not keen on censoring your personal life on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, make your account private, so you know exactly who can view your profile.

Your Personal Brand Persona

Every brand needs individuality, so be sure to let your personality shine through too. What makes you you? And why do people enjoy working with you? Whether it’s being an office clown or an organisational whizz, take a minute to personalise your brand, don’t eliminate appealing elements of your personality – it makes your brand unique.

Ensure Your Name is Synonymous with Quality

Make quality non-negotiable. If people don’t already associate your name with quality, all of the above will certainly ensure that this starts to happen. Be confident. Own, market and sell your personal brand.


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