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Lizzy Ball

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How long have you worked for Dovetail Recruitment?

Since June 2018.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Great team environment. There's always someone around to help or support you. Also the variety of my role and having the opportunity to support with sourcing if needed.

What is the length of your longest standing client relationship?

Work in progress

What’s your biggest career achievement to date?

Taking on more responsibility, including helping Claire with sourcing CVs.

What do you believe makes Dovetail Recruitment different?

The people/consultants that have been in the business a number of years, and so are very experienced and knowledgeable.

If you could take 1 item to a desert island, what would it be?

A knife!

My top tip for candidates

Know what industry or role you would like to do next (not just saying anything). Also having a CV. We are seeing more and more candidates walk through the door saying they don't have a CV or it's not up to date.

Latest Jobs

Purchasing Operations Analyst

Sector: Procurement/ Purchasing

Location: Berkshire, Newbury

Type: Permanent / Full Time

Pay rate: £20,000 - £30,000 Per Year

Training Program Coordinator

Sector: HR & Recruitment

Location: Dublin, Dublin

Type: Contract or Temp

Pay rate: £15 - £19 Per Hour

Customer Service Representative (German Speaking)

Sector: Sales & Account Management

Location: Dublin, Dublin

Type: Contract or Temp

Pay rate: £16 - £18 Per Hour

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