Important Interview Dos and Don’ts

Making a good first impression is extremely important when it comes to a job interview and can mean the difference between interview feedback and a job offer.

At Dovetail HRS, we want all of our clients to achieve interview success. In order to help, we have provided a breakdown of how to behave in an interview and how not to behave…

What You SHOULD Do

  1. Familiarise yourself with the job specification
    Get reacquainted with your potential roles and responsibilities. You will be able to think about how you can express your suitability for the job in your answers.

  2. Research the company you are attending an interview for
    Putting in some pre-interview research time will help to show your passion and interest for the company. Interviewers will usually expect candidates to answer some top lines questions about their business.
  3. Prepare answers for the main questions
    “Why do you want the job?”, “what are your strengths?”, “what are your weaknesses?”, “why would you be suitable for the role?”…all of these questions are pretty standard for a job interview and the answers to these should be considered beforehand.
  4. Organise your interview outfit in advance
    There is nothing worse than running around like a headless chicken on the morning or afternoon of your interview. Planning your outfit will tick one unnecessary worry off your pre-interview checklist.


  1. Dress smartly
    It is better to dress too smartly than too casually. Wearing a smart, professional outfit will indicate to employers immediately that you are serious about the role and working for their company.
  2. Speak clearly and take your time when answering questions
    Nerves are normal prior to an interview but listen carefully to the questions, take a deep breath and answer your question calmly and clearly. Once you get going, you will forget you were even nervous in the first place!
  3. Vocalise your skillset
    When answering questions, highlight your skills and use examples of situations in previous roles where these were applied wherever possible. However, make sure you don’t boast! That could come across negatively and indicate that you have an attitude problem.
  4. Stand tall and sit upright
    Stand and sit proudly and with good posture. Leaning to the side of your chair and moving around too much will indicate that you lack interest. In order to maintain a good stance, we would recommend clasping your hands together and resting them on your knees to prevent yourself from fidgeting.
  5. Prepare post-interview questions
    Providing questions for your interviewer demonstrates that you have thought about the role and its offerings and will come across positively.
  6. Turn off your mobile phone
    It is safe to say that a call from a friend or family member during your interview will not go down well and is likely to ruin your chances of being within an employer’s final selection.



  1. Arrive late
    This demonstrates lack of organisation and a lack of respect for the company who have kindly invited you to potentially join them.

  2. Lie to your interviewer
    Embellishing your CV with false information or over-exaggerating your achievements will be identified by your interviewer and will not go down well.
  3. Smoke before your interview
    Being a smoker is fine but it is not advisable to smoke prior to your interview in case the smell is off-putting for the interview
  4. Discuss your current work issues
    Dishing out your dissatisfaction about your current colleagues is a definite no, no!
  5. Discuss controversial topics, swear or speak in slang
    These alone can quickly change a person’s good impression of you into a bad impression.

  6. Prepare written notes
    Do not bring notes or your CV into the interview. Prepare yourself with mental notes instead.
  7. Argue with your interviewer
    Arguments are not going to win you your dream job.
  8. Be arrogant
    Bad attitude? Bad interview outcome!


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