How to Reflect Your Company Culture When Interviewing Candidates

Woman in Job Interview

Woman in Job InterviewIt’s normal for candidates to be nervous before an interview, it’s very easy for them to feel under pressure while you assess their skills, experience – and character – to see if they are the employee you are looking for. However, it is important to remember that, even though you’re the interviewer, you are not the only one assessing the person sat across the table from you.

It benefits both employers and employees for new recruits to be a good fit for the workplace culture. Employers don’t want a cat among the pigeons any more than the newbie wants to stick out like a sore thumb. Take a look at our top tips for ensuring you use your interviews as an opportunity to show your candidates the type of company you are.

Reflect Your Business’ Personality With Your Interview Style

They say first impressions are everything! Whether you conduct your interview in a conference room, in the lunch break area, over Skype or over coffee, your interview sets the tone for your potential hire from the get-go, so make sure your company personality is reflected in your interview style.

Ask Open Questions

Though competency based questions are great for gaining an insight into your candidate’s previous experience and certain job roles require specific answers to specific questions, it is important to ask a few open questions in order to give your interviewee more free reign in their answers, letting their personality shine through more than strictly ability or experience based questions. Candidates can sometimes be reserved when asked ‘tell me about yourself’ – as they want to be the right fit for you. Leading by telling candidates a little about yourself should put them at more ease; talk briefly about what your job entails, how long you’ve worked for your company, etc. Not only will this reflect a friendly work culture, it’ll put your candidate at ease, allowing you to assess their character more accurately.

Don’t Let the CV Dictate Your Interviews

Undoubtedly, a candidate’s education, qualification, skills and experience are vital in successfully clinching the job. However, remember that their CV is why they are sitting in front of you, if their CV had given you all the information you need, you would have already made aa decision on whether or not they are a good cultural fit for your organisation. Put the resume to one side and have a real conversation with your potential employees, you will learn far more about them this way.

Invite Staff to Participate in the Interview Process

Why leave the hiring process solely to the HR department and line managers? Including your current staff in the employment process will not only help demonstrate your company values and workplace culture, but give them exposure to different departments and provide a good introduction to people they may work alongside. It will also give you more heads to consider which of your candidates is the best person to fill the vacancy. If you do get employees involved ensure they organise their questions between them as this will avoid the candidate being asked repetitive or similar questions.

Provide Timely and Constructive Feedback

Everyone who is looking for a new job welcomes constructive feedback, though many companies don’t provide their unsuccessful candidates with any feedback at all. On the occasions when you have candidates who are not suitable for your vacancies, offering personal, professional feedback reflects very well on the culture of your company and positions you as a desirable place to work. Your candidates will be appreciative of any feedback you provide and even though they have not have been chosen for interview on this occasion, wishing them well in the future can still provide a positive message.

A cultural fit works both ways; the chances are that, while your interviewee is working hard to provide great answers to your questions, they are also sussing out the nature and personality of your company.  With these tips, you’re bound to receive a resounding yes from the lucky candidate you offer the position to!

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