How to Seal the Deal – 10 Questions You Should Ask in a Job Interview

You’ve answered all the interviewers’ questions, discussed your wide range of skills, but you’re not done yet…
It’s time for you to turn the tables and ask your interviewer some insightful questions.

Asking good questions helps you learn more about the job and whether it is the right career choice for you. It also provides another opportunity for you to show the interviewer your suitability.

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It’s no easy task to think of questions on the spot. Before you head out to your next job interview, read our list of must-ask interview questions.

Bear in mind that from this question and answer session, you want to achieve three things…

  • Show the interviewer you are right for the role
  • Demonstrate your interest in the job and the company
  • And most importantly, find out if the role is right for you

Now for our list of questions…

1) Who is your ideal candidate? What skills or traits do they have?

Asking this open-ended question will help you discover whether or not you have what the employer is looking for. If they do mention something which you haven’t yet touched upon, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to reassure them that you have all the right skills for the position.

2) What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this role?

As well as signalling to the interviewer than you are interested in this role, it will also help you understand if the role’s day-to-day tasks are something you will enjoy and succeed in.

3) What is the biggest challenged faced by this job role?

Asking this question shows the employer you are not afraid of a challenge. It will also tell you a little more about the role and whether it is suitable for you.

4) What kind of progression can I expect from this role?

This shows you are thinking long term and suggests you are keen to succeed in the workplace. It will also give you an insight into your future prospects.

5) Do you offer continued education and/or professional training?

Although a widely used question, this is most definitely a winner as it shows you are keen to advance both yourself and the knowledge within the organisation.

6) How did this role become available?

Finding out why the role became available can help you gain further insights into the company. If it is a newly created position, it shows the company is growing which is great for you. If the position is available because someone has left, follow this question up with asking whether they left to move to a different internal position or if they moved to another company. Again this will give you an indication of your future progression and job satisfaction within this role.

7) Can you describe the team I’ll be working with?

By asking this question, you are suggesting that you are keen to work as part of a team and are looking for a positive work environment. It will also help you decide if the team dynamic is what you are looking for.

8) What do you like most about working here?

This will help you form a personal bond with the interviewer as they will be sharing anecdotal stories with you. It also gives you an insider’s view into company life and whether it meets your expectations from a new job.

9) What are the company’s main business objectives and future plans?

This will give you a greater understand of the company, their work ethic and any future opportunities that might be available to you. It will also signal to the employer that you are keen to pitch in and help the company reach its goals.

10) When will I hear from you about the next steps?

This shows you are interested in the position and are keen to move onto the next stage of the interview process. It also gives you an idea when you can expect a response.

Make your job interview a two way conversation rather than a one way interrogation by following the above advice. Not only will it make you feel more at ease, it’ll help build rapport with the interviewer and help make you stand out from the crowd.

If you would like more job seeking advice or careers guidance, contact our dedicated team of recruitment specialists in Newbury, Berkshire on 01635 43100.

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