How to Write an Attention Grabbing Cover Letter

Cover letters are often the first part of the application an employer looks at…

It’s the quickest way for them to weed out the weaker candidates who put little effort into their application.


Taking the time to write an amazing cover letter is well worth it. If your cover letter is on point you are much more likely to be considered for an interview.

Here at Dovetail we want all of our candidates to pass this first test and get their CVs read by potential employers. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to writing an attention- grabbing cover letter.


First things first…

Get the name of the person you are sending the cover letter to and spell it correctly. Nothing will irk potential employers more than receiving a cover letter addressed To Whom it May Concern, or even worse with their name misspelled – check, double check and triple check all spellings before you hit the send button!


Make your opening line interesting…

Think of a quirky fact, clever quip or a story about yourself that not only shows off your personality, but is also related to the job or industry you are applying for. If you can’t think of one off the top of your head, give us a call – our team of experts will be happy to help get your creative juices flowing.


Introduce yourself…

Whilst it’s important to include your research into the company and your understanding of the job role, don’t forget to talk about yourself. Unlike your CV, your cover letter lets employers see your writing style and your personality can shine through. Portray yourself as a motivated and enthusiastic employee by using dynamic active verbs relating to the skills you profess to have.


Focus on the positive…

If you are missing a skill or two from the employer’s list of desired attributes, do NOT use your cover letter as an opportunity to fill in the gaps. Drawing attention to your flaws is frankly a waste of both your time and the employer’s time. Instead focus on the attributes you do possess and the experience you have which makes you suitable for the position.


Avoid using clichés and overused buzz words…

Hardworking or fast-learner are some of the most overused phrases in job applications, cover letters and CVs. I have yet to see a job description which called for a lazy, slow learner, so it’s safe to assume that all candidates are claiming to be hardworking and can learn new tasks at the speed of light! Instead of using clichés, use anecdotal evidence to demonstrate how hardworking or fast at learning you are. Including a sentence about how you turned around a mammoth project in a tight deadline stands out far more than an overused buzz word.


Leave on a positive note…

Closing a letter can often be difficult so my advice is to end with a simple, enthusiastic sentence about how you are looking forward to receiving a positive response or you would welcome more information about the job role. This lets the employer know you are truly interested in both the job and their feedback.


Check and check again…

Our final piece of advice is to proof read. Cover letters riddled with spelling and grammatical errors are likely to end up in the bin. So, do yourself a favour and spend time proof reading before sending – if editing is not your strong point, speak to our recruitment team, they will happily critique your cover letter to ensure you have the best possible chance of finding employment.

If you are seeking a new job and require a helping hand, click here to contact our Berkshire based recruitment team.

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