Maintaining Employee Engagement in the Summer

Employees in Boardroom Office Teamwork

It is not always easy to keep even the most motivated employees engaged on a Friday afternoon – especially if the sun is out, the sky is blue and everyone would rather be making the most of the rare British sunshine!

The summer months can be a difficult time to keep your workforce engaged. Though your employees may not freely discuss it, the tempting weather outside of a stuffy office is incredibly distracting. Here’s our top tips on keeping employees focused and engaged during the summer.

Employees in Boardroom Office Teamwork

Get Outside

Though many office tasks require a computer, desk and telephone, when the sun is shining, why not take your internal meetings outside? Instead of the boardroom, hold your team meeting at a picnic bench. Alternatively, rather than sitting down inside for your one-to-one – why not take a walk? As well as soaking up the sun and motivating employees, outdoors meetings are also great for creative thinking and brainstorming.

Organise Office Summer Events

Motivate your workforce, encourage team building and give your employees some fun in the sun by getting your employees outside for a game of cricket or rounders on their lunch hour. Or, get the team together and promote employee wellness by organising a family barbecue or pub garden evenings to enjoy the summer as a larger group.

Encourage Annual Leave

What better time to take a break than in the summer sun! When encouraged by their managers and employers, employees not only feel more inclined to book some time off, they’ll also feel more appreciated and valued. It benefits both employers and employees to let every team member have some time off to rest and recuperate, so that they can return to work refreshed, engaged and motivated.

Give Summery Incentives

Incentives are a great way to engage employees all year round, with the weather getting warmer, why not offer summer-themed rewards? Maybe give employees the chance to earn extra, paid holiday, or offer the chance for employees to win summer festival tickets for their hard work?

We All Scream For Ice Cream

While employees are keen get out of the office and soak up as much sun as possible, we realise that some employee engagement strategies require some flexibility. At a busy day in the office, when you need all hands on deck, treat your employees to some cool ice cream or fruity ice lollies – they’ll appreciate it more than you realise!

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