What Not to Do in a Job Interview

After spending hours perfecting your cover letter and tweaking your CV, you’ve finally managed to get an interview for your dream job…

Don’t let your hard work go to waste, with a little preparation and a few deep breaths you can avoid these common interview blunders.

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When in a Job Interview, Don’t…


Dress Inappropriately

Whilst many workplaces will not require you to wear full business wear into the office every day, when it comes to interviews, proper business attire is expected!



Most employers will be able to spot truth stretchers a mile off and are unlikely to buy into half-truths and exaggerations. What’s more, thanks to the internet, information is everywhere and if you stretch the truth in your interview, you are likely to get found out.



Although you may not be happy in your current job, it’s important not to appear bitter or resentful. Avoid bad mouthing your current or previous employers during a job interview. Interviewees who are quick to share information about the internal goings on within their current company will appear indiscreet and disloyal – neither of which will help you secure a new job.


Use Bad Language

Bad language is not appropriate in the work place nor is it OK to use in a job interview. Sloppy language indicates a sloppy work ethic so we advise you to err on the side of caution and avoid using slang as well as overly familiar terms.


Be Late

Time is money and your employer will not be wanting to waste their valuable time waiting for you. Leave in plenty of time for your interview, plan your route to ensure you avoid traffic hotspots and aim to arrive 15 minutes early.


Share Too Much

Don’t share too many personal stories or go into any issues you are having at home. Whilst sometimes it’s good to vent, a job interview is neither the time nor the place. You want your interviewer to think you are calm, cool and collected.


Be Arrogant

Whilst it’s important to appear confident, you don’t want to appear over confident. Over confidence is one of the biggest turn offs during a job interview. People who think they know it all are notoriously hard to train and hard to work with.



On the flip side, another big interview turn off is candidates who freeze up and give one syllable answers. Yes we appreciate interviews are scary, but not speaking up about your skills and experience is going to hamper your chances of employment.

Be Clueless

Turning up to an interview with very little knowledge of the company comes across as lazy and uninterested. There’s really no excuse for turning up to a job interview without at least reading their About Us page on their website. If you don’t care enough about the interview to research the company, it’s fair for the interviewer to assume that you won’t be interested enough to find out how to do the job well.


Fidget or Slouch

Having good body language and posture will go a long way in creating a good first impression. Don’t slouch when you sit down and avoid fidgeting as this will make you appear nervous and lacking in confidence. How can you expect an employer to believe in your abilities when you don’t believe in yourself?


Combining our advice with a good dose of common sense will help you make a great first impression and increase your chances of landing your dream job.


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