What to Wear to a Job Interview

Interviews are formal and of course, nerve-wracking experiences. What you say and how you conduct yourself in an interview is key, but it’s also important that you look the part. You should want to appear smart and professional, so make sure your clothing reflects this and does not distract from what you are saying. Picking the right outfit and feeling comfortable in it can give you the confidence to clinch the job! Here are some tips to help you dress for success.


  • A simple and timeless option for men is a black, grey or blue suit, better to be too formal than too casual – just make sure that it is clean and ironed!
  • Even if you’re job-hunting in the summer, be sure to choose cotton shirts over linen. Linen creases very easily, while cotton often looks more formal.
  • Avoid trainers at all costs! Instead, go for newly polished, black or brown leather shoes.
  • Wear a tie. Not a garishly colourful one, not a comedy one, just a plain tie or one with a simple pattern. Same rule for socks, plain black socks are ideal, leave your Superman ones at home.


  • Dresses are great and often easy choices for workwear. Just make sure that they are office-suitable – not too glam or too much like evening wear. If your dresses are not ideal for an interview, pick a simple blouse and skirt or trouser combo. If you own a trouser suit, this would be perfect too.
  • Keep jewellery delicate and don’t overdo it. Big chunky bangles or too many items of jewellery may be distracting – just select a few of your daintier pieces.
  • Don’t get too adventurous with the heels! Choose a sensible height or wear flats – make sure that they are smart, clean and comfortable.
  • If you choose to wear make-up, keep this soft and natural. Remove or redo any chipped nail varnish.

To avoid last minute panics or staring at your wardrobe in despair, prep your perfect interview outfit the day before. This way, you can be sure that you are comfortable and satisfied with your choice. Remember – dress for the job you want! Good luck!




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